IT Services

At CWA, IT solutions are about more than advanced technology. We’ll connect you with technology and then we’ll do you one better by connecting you with well-informed people. From technical support to strategic consulting, we’ll tailor our services to your needs. We have the IT solution for you.

We have been supporting business around the U.S. leverage their technology to work for their company.  We have the resources and knowledge necessary to help you whether you are a small company with 10 employees or a larger company of 250 and more.  With CWA, you can rest assured we are going to deliver the right IT Solution for your company and stand behind it for support 100% of the way.

What others say about us

Jaime King

CWA has been a vendor of iStar Financials for over 10 years. They have continually been able to support us whenever and whatever the need is. No task is too big or too small for this company. iStar has had many situations where we weren’t sure how we were going to accomplish a task for whatever the reason, and CWA has stepped in and at many times came up with a solution to keep us working until the situation was resolved. There is no better feeling then knowing that things will be working in the interim, especially after thinking that all hope is lost for your offices technology on the next business day. Their familiarity and experience in the industry helps keep iStars technology up to date and not at risk. CWA took the time to understand our business needs and not just sell us products. They have many times seen a loss of revenue with iStar by recommending we stay as is, or take a certain upgrade path, when other vendors were recommending we move forward at full speed when it was unwarranted. We respect that! Thank you Dale and thank you CWA!

Jaime King