Hosted PBX

Making it simple!

CWA’s hosted PBX solution is backed by one of the largest telecom players in the industry. Utilizing Avaya’s IP Office platform and VoIP technology we can greatly improve the quality of service, your quantity of features and simplify your support and budgeting.  Once you have installed our VoIP phones you will be able to enjoy all the features you are used to plus features such as voice mail to email, music on hold, call recording, follow me and the list keeps going. Quit worrying about trying to upgrade that old system or laying out valuable capital for a new VoIP phone system and give CWA a call today.

Why Hosted VoIP?

1. Flexibility – move, reduce or expand as your business changes.

2. Simple budgeting – easy per user pricing.

3. Better value – more features at a lower price.

4. Centralized Support – CWA is your one stop.

5. Appearance – your SMB now looks like it’s Fortune 500.

What others say about us

Rooter Plus

It didn’t take long for us to realize the benefits of outsourcing our IT. We let CWA take care of our phone systems and IT so we never had to worry about missing a call and therefore missing out on a potential customer. Thanks to their knowledge and professionalism, we still rely on CWA for our telephone and IT service and plan on staying with them in the future.  We know our customers appreciate never having to muddle through technical difficulties just as much as we do.

Rooter Plus