Video Distribution

Enhance your video communication

Digital signage are electronic monitors that are installed in public spaces such as stores, trade shows or any other place you might be displaying your product or service to customers. There are some major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs including:

  • Content can be exchanged without effort
  • Videos can be shown
  • The signs can adapt to the context and audience
  • They can even be interactive!
  • and more

Digital Signage is a proven way that you can increase sales. Call us today and we can help you with creating an elaborate advertising campaign with video and images to display in your retail stores.


What others say about us

PGA Tour Superstore

CWA is an integral part of the PGA TOUR Superstore growth and in-store customer experience.  CWA works with us to morph an empty retail building to a fully equipped hub of technology that includes: phones, sound, security cameras, flat screen TV’s and our one-of-a-kind PGA TOUR leaderboard.  We save time and frustration by partnering with a single provider to assist in the setup of our in-store technology.  CWA is an invaluable partner to the PGA TOUR Superstore to help us improve our in-store customer experience.

PGA Tour Superstore